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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mayonnaise Jar

Family...children...friends...are more important than any house payment, car payment, or job will ever be. when my van died 3 weeks ago, I still had the love of my children. When I lost my job because my van died...when I came home I still had the love of my children. We have to move very very soon...again...I still have the love of my children. Why? Why do my children love me unconditionally and KNOW even when things are so rough that everything will be ok? Because I have always made it my job to make sure they knew they were first, no matter how many bills had to be paid...they came first. No matter how much housework I had to do...they came first. My children know without question they are first in my life...period... and this article has always been one of my favorites. Read it...let it sink in... think of the things you do that could involve your children...yes it is true we have to work hard to raise them. Yes it is true we have to have our own personal time. This is not debating that. I am telling you to remember to not let IT get in the way of raising your children, of laughing with friends, of living life...not watching life pass you by so you can say your car is prettier than the Jones's...

                                                                                  The Mayonnaise Jar...

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