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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Foods you should grown in your back yard...

Hopefully sometime soon I will finally be someplace I can actually have my own garden again...it has really been a rough few years of having to buy my vegetables rather than grow them. Here is an excellent article on what people, such as myself, with small or limited space, can still do to grow the basics...TLC  has a great article on growing 5 important money savers and health builders. Take a few minutes to check it out, then implement it into your life!!!

Here are the vegetables they suggest:
1: Basil
2: Apples (yes, apples, from a tree...and they really make it sound easy I promise!)
3: Tomatoes
4: Leafy greens (such as lettuce or spinach)
5: Cucumbers

   I would also like to suggest a flower bed full of strawberries. What would be better on a hot summer night than fresh strawberries? You can grow them with much the same care you would normally give to a flower bed, or a flower box.  now go out and GROW SOMETHING!!!

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